Harness the Trailblazing Trading
Technology of Forex Derivatives

RuoXuan FXD Features

The RuoXuan Advantage

Game-Changing Technology

Experience trading simplicity with our highly intuitive one-click FX derivatives trading.

Lightning Fast Execution

Experience seamless exchange-quality ECN connectivity via our ultra-low latency trading severs.

Lowest Pricing

Gain access to the tightest spreads on the market and enjoy the lowest trading costs available.

Expand, Enhance and Elevate Your Trading
Capabilities to Greater Heights

Good is never good enough for us. We want to make every aspect of your trading experience ever better
— better prices, better platform technology, better security.

Broad Range of Assets

Deep Aggregated Liquidity

Reliable 24/5 Customer Support

Our Stellar Network of Liquidity Partners

A Myriad of Payment Gateways for Transactional Ease