Spot Forex

Spot Forex

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Evergrowing opportunities for profits in the world’s largest financial market.

Global Currency Pairs

Take on the international trading realms with 50+ cross-border FX products.

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RuoXuan FX provides access to online currency trading for professional traders around the world with tight spreads on Spot Foreign Exchange for all types of currency pairs. The Spot Foreign Exchange market is also open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, allowing trading to take place, at your convenience. All forex currencies are traded in pairs — they are classified as Major, Minor or Exotic.

Major Pairs

Currency pairings containing USD on either the Base or Quote side.

Product Symbol
Euro / US Dollar EUR/USD
US Dollar / Japanese Yen USD/JPY
British Pound / US Dollar GBP/USD
Australian Dollar / US Dollar AUD/USD
US Dollar / Swiss Franc USD/CHF
US Dollar / Canadian Dollar USD/CAD
New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar NZD/USD
US Dollar / Chinese Yuan USD/CNH

Minor Pairs

Currency pairings that do not contain USD on either the Base or Quote side.

Product Symbol
Euro / British Pound EUR/GBP
Euro / Swiss Franc EUR/CHF
Euro / Japanese Yen EUR/JPY
Euro / Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD
Euro / Australian Dollar EUR/AUD
Euro / New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD
Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar AUD/CAD
British Pound / Swiss Franc GBP/CHF
Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen AUD/JPY
Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen CHF/JPY
New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen NZD/JPY
Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD
Euro / New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD
British Pound / Canadian Dollar GBP/CAD
New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc NZD/CHF
Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc AUD/CHF
Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc CAD/CHF
Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen CAD/JPY
British Pound / Australian Dollar GBP/AUD
British Pound / New Zealand Dollar GBP/NZD
New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar NZD/CAD

Exotic Pairs

Currency pairings that consist of USD paired with the currencies of emerging economies.

Product Symbol
Euro / South African Rands EUR/ZAR
British Pound / Singapore Dollar GBP/SGD
US Dollar / Singapore Dollar USD/SGD
US Dollar / South African Rands USD/ZAR
South African Rand / Japanese Yen ZAR/JPY
British Pound / Norwegian Krone GBP/NOK
US Dollar / Norwegian Krone USD/NOK
British Pound / Swedish Krona GBP/SEK
Norwegian Krone / Japanese Yen NOK/JPY
US Dollar / Polish Zloty USD/PLN
Norwegian Krone / Swedish Krona NOK/SEK
Singapore Dollar / Japanese Yen SGD/JPY
US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar USD/HKD
US Dollar / Russian Ruble USD/RUB
US Dollar / Swedish Krona USD/SEK
Australian Dollar / Polish Zloty AUD/PLN
British Pound / Hungarian Forint GBP/HUF
British Pound / Mexican Peso GBP/MXN
British Pound / Polish Zloty GBP/PLN
British Pound / Turkish Lira GBP/TRY
Turkish Lira / Japanese Yen TRY/JPY
US Dollar / Czech Koruny USD/CZK
US Dollar / Hungarian Forint USD/HUF
US Dollar / Israeli Shekel USD/ILS
US Dollar / Mexican Peso USD/MXN
US Dollar / Romanian Leu USD/RON